If you looked at the recent blog post announcing Indochine Counsel’s hosting of the ASEAN Legal Alliance law conference in Ho Chi Minh City, this November, then you saw a bit about the importance of technology in the continuing pace of change in laws in Southeast Asia.

When I was working first out of law school I had the opportunity to look at the Vietnamese regulations for VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol. At the time, the VOIP rules were archaic and draconian. Only the Government could use VOIP, and the development of regular VOIP services was not allowed. There were no provisions for infrastructure and there was no allowance for VOIP inward.

That’s so long ago in technology time that I can’t even begin to explain it.

Indochine Counsel has long been in the forefront of technology law in Vietnam. One of the reasons that we were tasked with the above advice. In addition to Intellectual Property and Trademarks and Copyright and all the other nifty registrations and litigations that happen with Intellectual Property, Indochine Counsel has long been a part of the technology world with their IP&T team. IP (intellectual property) &T? Technology.

We’ve worked to open up traditional advertising rules to online advertising and services. We’ve worked to interpret the advancing rules that affect online services for our clients. We’ve worked to bring technology transfers, and technology developments into the light of funding. We’ve worked on most of the technological advances in the law in the last ten years.

That said, we are indeed excited to be hosting the ALA Conference in just a few weeks. It gives us a chance to welcome the other pioneers in this frontier region who are dedicated to the development of technology laws, policies, and techniques. They’re all coming together during the ALA Conference 2018 and it’s not too late to register.

I will admit that this is a push for registration and attendance. The lineup is impressive. The activities fun. The city, Ho Chi Minh City, alive and vibrant with a worldwide selection of fine dining and a constantly changing skyline. The place to be this November, is at the ALA Conference 2018.

See the website for more information: https://www.ALAConference2018.com.