About a month ago I shared the In-House Community (Asia-Mena Counsel) award results in which, among other things, Indochine Counsel was awarded the Most Responsive Domestic Firm of the Year. You can see the link to that story below.

Indochine Counsel shared that award with two other firms, LNT & Partners and YKVN, both considered exceptional Vietnamese firms in the local legal market. I want to take a minute and discuss how significant this is, especially after experiencing HR responsiveness from multiple companies.

In a recent survey conducted by Thomson Reuters, link here, they found that:

The survey of more than 200 in-house lawyers, conducted by Thomson Reuters, found that when deciding whether to instruct a law firm, they valued responsiveness (rated 8.8 out of 10 in terms of importance), understanding of the business and its industry (8.6) and deep specialist expertise (7.6) as the most important factors.

The importance of responsiveness, then, is vital and can easily distinguish a law firm–or any services firm–from the competition. This is pointed up by research conducted by the ABA which found that 42% of law firms in a study took more than three days to respond to initial contacts from prospective clients (link here) and found frustration in the difficulty in actually speaking with a lawyer.

Another survey conducted by legal technology firm CLIO found that responsiveness was one of the top three factors considered by clients in choosing a law firm. This survey sampled thousands of law firm clients and ranked price of services, responsiveness, and ease as the top three factors in choosing a services provider (link here).

While responsiveness should be but one factor in choosing a lawyer or firm (others might be subject area expertise, knowledge of business needs, previous experience, etc.) it is, apparently, an important factor.

When I first interned at VILAF oh so many years ago they were discussing an email policy of, at a minimum, acknowledging new emails within 24 hours of receipt. This is perhaps one of the reasons that VILAF is considered one of the top two domestic firms in the country and was an honorable mention for this year’s In-House Community award.

At Indochine Counsel our responsiveness is driven by Managing Partner Duc Dang. He leads the firm in making sure that client’s are updated on their matter regularly and punctually. I have complaints about the responsiveness of some of their internal departments, but that’s not relevant to their services to clients. What is relevant is the fact that they respond to client’s requests, and do so quickly.

We want to restate our appreciation to those clients and colleagues in the industry that saw us receive this award from the In-House Community and we hope to repay your respect and acknowledgment with continued responsiveness on top of our in depth expertise in our specialty areas. Thank you again for recognizing us and we look forward to working with you.