1612, 2019

Foreign Judgment Enforcement in Vietnam

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Indochine Counsel has recently updated its chapter in the Kluwar Online Enforcement of Foreign Judgments for 2020. You can access last year’s edition here: http://www.kluwerlawonline.com/toc.php?pubcode=efj As I had the opportunity to work on this, I thought I would list a few highlights of the procedure using that source as a reference. Below is a discussion of some important aspects of enforcing foreign judgments in Vietnam. Civil foreign judgments and decisions of foreign courts are defined as: judgments and decisions of foreign courts relating to civil matters, marriage and family, business, [...]

3009, 2019

Ten Years in Indochine

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Ten years ago tomorrow I started my first day working for Indochine Counsel. I was a year out of law school, having spent six months finishing the qualifying requirements for the California Bar Association and then six months trying to find work in the middle of the Great Recession. The future seemed bleak but then I came to Vietnam and found a position working corporate and commercial for Indochine Counsel. I started on October 1, 2009, ten years ago. I thought I would take this anniversary opportunity to review some [...]

811, 2018

A Guide to Practical E-discovery in Asia

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Indochine Counsel is proud to announce its contribution to A Guide to Practical E-Discovery in Asia, a multi-jurisdictional guide to E-discovery in the Asian region. Authored by Bryan Tan, Michael Lew, and Benjamin Ang the Guide covers nine jurisdictions in the region from Korea and Japan to Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia. The Vietnam chapter is contributed by Dang The Duc, managing partner of Indochine Counsel, and Le Hong Bao Chuong, associate in the Ho Chi Minh City office. They have worked for years in the technology sector and are familiar [...]

305, 2018

Indochine Counsel Announces Publication of A Practical Guide to E-Discovery in Asia

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Indochine Counsel is proud to announce the publication of A Practical Guide to E-Discovery in Asia, published by Lexis-Nexis. Continuing on the theme of important and cutting edge issues facing legal personnel, corporations, and investors in the region, Dang The Duc (Managing Partner) and Le Hong Bao Chuong (Associate) contributed the Vietnam chapter to the Lexis-Nexis guide. The global E-discovery market will jump from $1.7 billion in 2013 to $2.9 billion by 2017. Most of this growth will take place in international markets outside the traditional US market. As Asia’s [...]

305, 2018

Indochine Counsel Announces Publication of the Law Firm Network’s Cross-Border Contract Guide

By |May 3rd, 2018|Categories: Contract Law, Publications|5 Comments

Indochine Counsel is excited to announce the publication of the Law Firm Network’s Cross-Border Contract Guide. Authored by Managing Director Dang The Duc and Associate Le Hong Bao Chuong, the Vietnam chapter reviews some of the recent changes in Vietnam’s international contract law, specifically the adoption of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, or CISG. The Guide offers insight into 27 different countries and how they deal with cross-border contracts. The Law Firm Network, founded nearly 30 years ago in 1989, is a strong [...]

305, 2018

Corporate Governance Country Report Released

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Indochine Counsel is proud to announce the publication of the World Bank's Corporate Governance ROSC (Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes) for Vietnam 2013 (“ROSC Vietnam”) recently published by the World Bank. The ROSC Vietnam is a detailed overview of Vietnam's current corporate governance situation and examines the state of shareholder relations, board control and actions, auditing and reporting, and other aspects of corporate governance in Vietnam. It is a review of both legislation and actual situations throughout the country and provides a framework from which legislators and [...]

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