Hello all. I hope your holidays are shaping up and, for those in the West, celebrating religious holidays and preparations for New Years Eve find you full of joy and excitement. For those in Vietnam there’s a brief display tomorrow night, but for the most part we save our celebration for later in the month when the Lunar New Year celebration comes to pass.

Tet has different connotations for different people, but for the majority of Vietnamese it means a week of celebrating the old year and of preparing for the new. It is New Years, birthdays, and Christmas all rolled into one. It is a time for family reunification and record international travel occurs as the diaspora tends to return home to celebrate with loved ones.

In light of the excitement coming this new year, and in 2020 with hopes for an excellent year, I thought I’d share the official holidays in Vietnam. Most of you already know these, but it’s still a useful reminder. I tend to have to look them up frequently to remember them. At least the smaller ones like Hung King’s Day.

The following days are considered bank holidays in 2020.

January 1: New Years Day (Solar Calendar)

January 23-29: Tet or New Years Day (Lunar Calendar)

April 2: Hung King’s Day

April 30: Reunification Day

May1: Labor Day

September 2: National Day

And that’s it. Compared to Cambodia that’s hardly a drop in the bucket for holidays, but for Vietnam there’s an entire world held in those few days, focused in the beginning of the new year.

May your new year be successful and may you have wealth and prosperity, new beginnings and happy endings, and a pleasant and happy 2020.