i remember reading a law blog years ago that discussed the importance of getting a business visa if you were indeed going to be conducting business in a country. This remains good advice, especially in Vietnam. This can be extended to a discussion of work permits, but I’m not going to go into that this week.


Over the last few years Vietnam has gone a long way towards easing the visa process. While they still require you to get approval in advance of travel, and thus get double the fee, they have created new categories of business visas and made it easier and easier to come into the country.

One instance of this is the year long multiple entry business visa for citizens of the United States. This costs over three hundred dollars, but it makes entry easy for this who do a great deal of business in the country. The process is essentially the same for any other visa on arrival. Submit the fee and application letter online. Get the approval letter. Print it off and bring it with you to the airport. Upon arriving in Vietnam go to the visa on arrival window and pay the fee and show the approval letter.

For a few more dollars you get the business visa. And if you’re doing business it’s vital you get it. When visiting local dignitaries you want to be assured that you are actually approved to be doing the things you’re  doing,  in some countries it’s a crime, in most countries in fact, do the same thing as a foreigner in the United States and you get detained and kicked out. So why not show respect for the laws of the country in which you’re a visitor?