At Indochine Counsel, we have been closely following the developments of the Covid-19 virus as it rampages around the globe. While earlier we had hoped that Vietnam would be spared much of the trouble, we have discovered more than 200 confirmed cases and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has called for individual and organizational responsibility in dealing with the outbreak. Just today, a range of stringent social distancing measures that the Prime Minister issued earlier this week came into effect, including restricting people from leaving their homes and banning gatherings of more than two people in public.

Starting from last week we have decided that the best way to protect our people and to comply with the calls from the government is to go to a full work from home mode. This does not negate the possibility of working onsite temporarily during the duration of this crisis if such is required by circumstances, but we are doing everything in our power to limit those possibilities and to protect every one of our stakeholders from infection.

That said, though we may not be working in our office, we are still working, and our efforts to build your business and your investments in Vietnam remain as critical to our frame of mind as ever. Please feel free to remain in contact with the partner in charge of your matter or with any of the lawyers you usually work with. We will be regularly responding to email and striving to, once again, earn your recognition of us as one of the most responsive firms in Vietnam.

We appreciate your patience in this volatile situation and hope we can work through this with you and for you. We remain committed to delivering quality legal services despite these trying times and look forward to helping you to grow your business here in Vietnam.

We wish you and your beloved ones good health in these uncertain times!


As the author of this blog, I do not work full time in the office, but much of my work is accomplished in cafes and coffee shops. With the social distancing guidance that has been instituted fully this week in Vietnam’s urban areas, I find that I, too, am stuck at home without recourse to my regular avenues for stress relief. I am staring at the walls of my apartment with a long eye and a stirring brain. I try not to spend too much time reading the news or scanning social media and to, instead, maintain a positive attitude.

If you are in Vietnam, or have investments or businesses in Vietnam, the best of luck. If you haven’t already pegged to it, this link at the Government Portal here can be useful for up to date information on the Government’s policies related to Covid-19. The link is for English language content which tends to be updated a few hours after the Vietnamese version is posted.

Good luck, everyone, and happy social distancing.