Indochine Counsel is proud to announce the publication of the World Bank’s Corporate Governance ROSC (Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes) for Vietnam 2013 (“ROSC Vietnam”) recently published by the World Bank. The ROSC Vietnam is a detailed overview of Vietnam’s current corporate governance situation and examines the state of shareholder relations, board control and actions, auditing and reporting, and other aspects of corporate governance in Vietnam. It is a review of both legislation and actual situations throughout the country and provides a framework from which legislators and stakeholders can take action to improve corporate governance both individually and systemically.

The ROSC Vietnam is the first time since 2006 that the World Bank has completed a comprehensive review of Vietnam’s corporate governance. It is an update and comparison of where Vietnam’s corporate governance capabilities and situation were and where they are now.

Indochine Counsel is pleased to contribute to this country report by reviewing and completing a template/ questionnaire for the ROSC Vietnam. We would like to share this important document with its assessment of such a vital issue in business and investment in the market.

You can access the report at this link:

The World Bank is an international organization established to assist countries with economic development. It focuses on issues relating to development such as corporate governance, macroeconomic policy, and societal development.

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