Counterfeiting in Vietnam, a Report

Last summer the International Chamber of Commerce Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy issued a report on counterfeiting in Vietnam. The report not only reviewed the current counterfeiting schemes in Vietnam but offered recommendations for improving protection of rights of creators, inventors and owners. This blog post will review some of the report’s findings [...]

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Pharma Opening after EVFTA

The pharmaceutical industry is looking forward to major investment now that the European-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement has been signed. The EVFTA allows for investment in the pharma industry by European investors that may not have been allowed before, luring investors to a lucrative industry. For example, just this week Sanofi Vietnam became the first firm [...]

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Pharmacy Activities

After more than 10 years of implementation the Law on Pharmacy No. 34/2005/QH11, dated 14 June 2005 (the “Law on Pharmacy 2005”), was no longer sufficient to reflect the realities of practice, and needed to be revised and supplemented in order to catch up with practices and changes in the state policy in respect of [...]

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