Sources of Law in Vietnam

One of the important things to understand about a country before examining specific legal elements is the sources of law for that country. In the United States, for example, the law arises out of the constitution. In Vietnam, the same is true. The constitution serves as the primary source of law finding its power in [...]

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Vietnam Labor Law Update

Highlights of the Labor Code 2019 On 20 November 2019, the National Assembly of Vietnam issued a new Labor Code with the purpose of promoting the Vietnamese labor market and solving essential problems from practical implementation of the Labor Code 2012. It is intended to create a more flexible legal framework on employment and harmonize [...]

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Counterfeiting in Vietnam, a Report

Last summer the International Chamber of Commerce Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy issued a report on counterfeiting in Vietnam. The report not only reviewed the current counterfeiting schemes in Vietnam but offered recommendations for improving protection of rights of creators, inventors and owners. This blog post will review some of the report’s findings [...]

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IP In the Spotlight

Next week our managing partner and I head to Boston for the International Trademark Association annual meeting. Thousands of lawyers attend this event and make for a hectic five days. In light of our adventures in intellectual property, I thought I'd highlight our attorney who oversees the IP side of our practice. Nguyen Thi Hong [...]

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Ministry Proposes CIT Cut for SMEs

According to Vietnam News, here, the Ministry of Finance has proposed a change in the current corporate income tax structure for small and medium sized businesses with an even greater exception for what it considers micro businesses. The cut would be from the regular 20% which is paid by all enterprises to 15-17% depending on [...]

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Technology & Regulation in Vietnam

Technology and Vietnamese law go hand in hand in an awkward first love sort of way, one not quite sure what to make of the other, but still enjoying the presence of their friend. Two things that bring themselves to my attention this week, things that create a situation in which Vietnam creates difficult regulations [...]

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HCMC Reached $6Billion FDI in 2018

HCMC's Hotel de Ville. In 2018, Ho Chi Minh City received over $6billion in foreign direct investment registered investments. You can see the original article here. The actual investments are much lower, but registered projects reached $6billion. This means that HCMC is one of the larger recipients of FDI in the country with over 1,000 [...]

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Science and Technology Firms in Vietnam

Last week, I wrote about startups in Vietnam. This week, a subsection of startups, specifically science and technology firms, deserves a bit of attention. For a more detailed report of the Decree outlining incentives and requirements for science and technology firms in Vietnam, you can look to the article from Vietnam Insider here. The decree, one [...]

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The Startup Situation in Vietnam

The startup situation in Vietnam is hopeful, but not currently well done. The thing is, Vietnam's government has issued a decision which sets out a lot of steps towards creating a legal framework for startups that is welcoming and beneficial to the sought after tech companies. But the legal framework has yet to be put [...]

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Happy Tet!

Happy Tet! It's not until next week, but I'm not going to be blogging next week because there won't be anyone around to read it. But as the entire week--from 4 February through 8 February--is an official holiday, there's no reason to worry. Be happy. I will leave you with one tip, as holidays put [...]

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