Report from INTA in Boston

I spent last week in Boston where I attended, with our managing partner Dang The Duc, the International Trademark Association's (INTA) annual meeting. It was a fast paced round of networking and meeting, with over 11,000 attendees. A very large conference. Crazy, really. It started with a long flight from Vietnam to Japan, where a [...]

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Happy Five Day Weekend

Happy Reunification Day. Happy May Day. And Happy bridge holiday, which is today, which makes for a five day weekend, something unheard of in the United States. Forty-four years ago tomorrow tanks rolled down the streets of Saigon and the north and the south were reunited after decades of division under the French and then [...]

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Shop & Go Gone Bust

In a story reported by VN Express here, Shop & Go, a chain of nearly a hundred convenience stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi was sold to Vingroup for $1. Shop & Go was a Singaporean enterprise that was one of the first in the convenience store space in Vietnam. Unfortunately, Shop & [...]

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Vietnam wins AFF Suzuki Cup

Vietnam wins the AFF Suzuki Cup. After ten years of trying since their last victory in the tournament they have come in at the top. I remember nine years ago, or so, the first time I was stuck in the streets surrounded by young men and women on motorbikes, dressed in red shirts with yellow [...]

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Happy Independence Day

As Monday was a holiday, Vietnam’s Indelendence Day, I thought I would take a moment, or a blog, and remind everyone how liberal the original document written and read by Ho Chi Minh in 1945 actually was. You can read the declaration in English at the following site. That is all. Happy Independence Day.

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48th CFO World Congress

Indochine Counsel is excited to announce our participation and support of the 48th CFO World Congress to be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the 14th through 16th of November, 2018. Please use the above link to access information about the Congress and to see a pretty picture of our managing partner. (Check [...]

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Incorporation Blues

For those used to the ease of opening businesses in various countries, like Singapore or New Zealand (which are the number one and two ranked countries for ease of opening a business), there may be surprises set for the unwary entrepreneur in Indochina. I am not going to go into the nitty-gritty of incorporation, at [...]

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A European Scoundrel

I’m a Corporate Governance guy. I took several classes in law school and have worked several matters related to it. It’s a constantly changing yet interesting area of the law. in Vietnam there are two different regimes for corporate governance, the basic regime which covers private companies, and the more intricate reporting required for publicly [...]

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Treating in Vietnam

We received a comment on an unrelated business that sparked my imagination and reminded me of something very special about Vietnam. The primary tenant is simple: he who invites, pays. At least that’s what I’ve experienced in my life in Asia. But then, it becomes something of a system of gifts, similar to the guan [...]

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Lawyer Confidentiality

Lawyer confidentiality is a big deal. Not only for big deals, but for little ones too. As a lawyer from California I'm bound by certain privileges and confidentiality rules. Amazingly, so are lawyers from Vietnam. Unlike in American law, where one has the work product doctrine and the confidentiality of communication doctrines, Vietnam has three [...]

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