Happy Five Day Weekend

Happy Reunification Day. Happy May Day. And Happy bridge holiday, which is today, which makes for a five day weekend, something unheard of in the United States. Forty-four years ago tomorrow tanks rolled down the streets of Saigon and the north and the south were reunited after decades of division under the French and then [...]

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Social Security for Foreigners in Vietnam

Last year the government issued a decree requiring foreigners working in Vietnam to pay social security taxes and become a part of the social security scheme currently in effect in Vietnam. This new requirement only applies to foreigners who work for firms in Vietnam on contracts of a year or more. So one way to [...]

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Happy New Years Vietnam

Happy New Years. This blog post is timed so that you receive it as you it as you arrive at work on the first day after the new years holiday. Why? Because there are some hints and tricks that I want to talk about involving holidays, and it seemed the thing to do. First, Vietnam [...]

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Moving in Vietnam

Moving. It's something I've just done, though not in Vietnam. I've done it before, however, and there are a few things to consider, legally, that might affect your relocation efforts. First, land, or property. In Vietnam you can't own land as a foreigner, or even condominiums. You can only lease a condominium or house in [...]

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Don’t trust NYC lawyer to draft Vietnamese contract

Now, I'm going to discuss something that I'm borrowing from Dan Harris over at Chinalawblog, even though I haven't actually read the article. I'm going off of the headline and regardless of what Dan Harris said, I can come up with my own reasons for this distinction. First, don't let a foreign lawyer draft your [...]

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Manufacturing Bears Promise

A couple weeks ago I read an article about the manufacturer of certain Apple products looking to move manufacturing to Vietnam. Now, this wasn’t Apple’s decision, this was the decision of the Chinese manufacturer. They wanted to move the plant to Vietnam. This is interesting for several reasons. First, it is a sign that China’s [...]

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Visa Failure Not an Option

Several years ago I remember reading a blog post by Đan Harris of China Law Blog and learning what has proven a very important lesson: when traveling for business, pony up and pay the extra money for a business visa. Dan Harris related a visit he paid to a leader in the Pacific islands—I forget [...]

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A European Scoundrel

I’m a Corporate Governance guy. I took several classes in law school and have worked several matters related to it. It’s a constantly changing yet interesting area of the law. in Vietnam there are two different regimes for corporate governance, the basic regime which covers private companies, and the more intricate reporting required for publicly [...]

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