Individual Data Privacy Rights in Vietnam

Continuing in my examination of data privacy and cybersecurity issues in Vietnam, this week I want to look at the issue of individual data privacy rights in Vietnam, what are a data subject's responsibilities and their rights, and what can they expect when putting their data in the wilds of the internet. General Protections of [...]

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Judiciary’s Role Under-defined in Vietnam

I've spent the last two and a half days trying to figure out exactly what the courts do in Vietnam. I've come to the conclusion that their role is ill defined and that on purpose. I read through the Law on Promulgation of Legislative Documents, the Law on People's Courts, the Civil Procedure Code, and [...]

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Independence Day

Hello all. This most recent Monday was September 2, 2019, the 74th anniversary of Vietnam's Independence Day. At the end of World War II, on the same day that the Japanese surrendered to the American troops in Japan, Ho Chi Minh stood on a pedestal in Hanoi and read the Declaration of Independence which he [...]

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What’s the Law of Vietnam

I am going to take a step back this week and speak basics. I was asked by a young lawyer what the difference between law in the West and Vietnam is. So I figured if a lawyer has that question, there might be others as well. The law of Vietnam is a civil law system [...]

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Happy Independence Day

As Monday was a holiday, Vietnam’s Indelendence Day, I thought I would take a moment, or a blog, and remind everyone how liberal the original document written and read by Ho Chi Minh in 1945 actually was. You can read the declaration in English at the following site. That is all. Happy Independence Day.

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