Vietnam in the RCEP

This article briefly examines some of the advantages and disadvantages for Vietnam in the RCEP, a multilateral FTA that was signed yesterday in Hanoi, Vietnam. Yesterday, 15 November 2020, fifteen Asia-Pacific nations signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP, a multi-lateral free trade agreement. The signing comes as the crowning achievement of Vietnam's chairmanship [...]

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How Vietnam Won the Indo-Pacific Business Forum 2020

Last week, the United States State Department put on its third Indo-Pacific Business Forum in Hanoi. Countries from all over the region attended both online and in person. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in attendance. During the forum, several deals were announced. This article will discuss the big deals signed between US and [...]

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What Trump’s Currency Investigation Means for Vietnam

I was going to write about selling alcohol this week, but over the weekend broke news that the Trump administration in the US has initiated a currency manipulation investigation against Vietnam, see article here. While this isn't something about which to worry terribly much in the hands of a country determined to abide by its [...]

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Vietnam Labor Law Update

Highlights of the Labor Code 2019 On 20 November 2019, the National Assembly of Vietnam issued a new Labor Code with the purpose of promoting the Vietnamese labor market and solving essential problems from practical implementation of the Labor Code 2012. It is intended to create a more flexible legal framework on employment and harmonize [...]

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Vietnam CFO Forum

On November 12, at the Lotte Legend Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the annual CFO Forum will welcome over thirty speakers and three hundred attendees. Indochine Counsel's managing partner, Dang The Duc, will be speaking as the sole representative from the legal community amidst a number of speakers from technology, fintech, and [...]

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Viettel Installs 5G Network in HCMC

According to Dat Viet at VN Express International, Viettel, the military owned telecommunications company, has installed several 5G network broadcasting stations throughout Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. You can see the article here. This is a major turn around for Vietnam as they are intent on becoming one of the first countries in the [...]

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Delayed Projects Can be Cancelled

I'm not going to point to specific articles, because I haven't kept track of them, but lately it's becoming apparent that Vietnam is nearing a purge of projects that have failed to realize. It's happened in the past, when a project is on the books for investment development and nothing happens, or very little happens. [...]

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Pharma Opening after EVFTA

The pharmaceutical industry is looking forward to major investment now that the European-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement has been signed. The EVFTA allows for investment in the pharma industry by European investors that may not have been allowed before, luring investors to a lucrative industry. For example, just this week Sanofi Vietnam became the first firm [...]

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Sharp and the Trade War

Sharp, the Japanese electronics giant, has announced plans to build a manufacturing site here in Vietnam according to Nikkei Asia here. This is the latest news in the continuing trade war between the United States and China, and provides an opportunity to examine the impacts of the trade war on a country like Vietnam. Much [...]

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Call for More Technology Transfer in Vietnam

As reprinted in Vietnam+, here, the Vietnam News Agency has called for increased technology transfer to production companies in Vietnam. The call sites dismal numbers of high tech usage by manufacturers in Vietnam stating that nearly 60% of manufacturers are using technology that is outdated while only 2% use high technology. This is disturbing, especially in [...]

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