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Don’t Trust a BCC

A while ago I was working with another lawyer on an M&A deal. The target company was a Vietnamese entity that operated in a restricted sector. This meant that foreign ownership was limited. Our client was a foreign entity that had a Business Cooperation Contract with the Vietnamese entity that stated that the foreign entity [...]

By |2019-10-07T10:22:53+07:00October 7th, 2019|Contract Law, Corporate and commercial, Inward Investment, M&A|Comments Off on Don’t Trust a BCC

Ten Years in Indochine

Ten years ago tomorrow I started my first day working for Indochine Counsel. I was a year out of law school, having spent six months finishing the qualifying requirements for the California Bar Association and then six months trying to find work in the middle of the Great Recession. The future seemed bleak but then [...]

By |2019-09-30T10:45:16+07:00September 30th, 2019|General, Indochine Counsel News, Publications|Comments Off on Ten Years in Indochine

Viettel Installs 5G Network in HCMC

According to Dat Viet at VN Express International, Viettel, the military owned telecommunications company, has installed several 5G network broadcasting stations throughout Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. You can see the article here. This is a major turn around for Vietnam as they are intent on becoming one of the first countries in the [...]

By |2019-09-23T11:04:20+07:00September 23rd, 2019|Business News, Technology and Media, TMT-Technology, Media, Telecom|Comments Off on Viettel Installs 5G Network in HCMC

Cybersecurity Update

Recently we prepared a special alert concerning the current draft decree governing the cybersecurity law that has caused so much controversy in the interwebs. One clause, the requirement for offshore companies to establish onshore domain hosting along with a branch/rep office is particularly controversial. Below I quote from our security alert on this issue, as [...]

By |2019-09-17T15:44:29+07:00September 17th, 2019|Intellectual Property, International Trade, Technology and Media, TMT-Technology, Media, Telecom|Comments Off on Cybersecurity Update

Delayed Projects Can be Cancelled

I'm not going to point to specific articles, because I haven't kept track of them, but lately it's becoming apparent that Vietnam is nearing a purge of projects that have failed to realize. It's happened in the past, when a project is on the books for investment development and nothing happens, or very little happens. [...]

By |2019-09-10T16:52:45+07:00September 10th, 2019|Business News, Dispute Resolution, Property and Construction|Comments Off on Delayed Projects Can be Cancelled

Independence Day

Hello all. This most recent Monday was September 2, 2019, the 74th anniversary of Vietnam's Independence Day. At the end of World War II, on the same day that the Japanese surrendered to the American troops in Japan, Ho Chi Minh stood on a pedestal in Hanoi and read the Declaration of Independence which he [...]

By |2019-09-05T09:07:57+07:00September 5th, 2019|constitutional, General|Comments Off on Independence Day

In Laos

I try not to let my personal life interfere with this blog too much, though I do on occasion tell personal stories. I'm currently sitting in Laos Plaza Hotel in Vientiane, Laos, and wondering at the difference between Vietnam and Laos. While there is indeed some new construction here in Vientiane, it is nothing like [...]

By |2019-08-26T15:45:08+07:00August 26th, 2019|General, International Trade, Inward Investment|Comments Off on In Laos

New Rules for Securities

Below is a summary of major changes contemplated in the securities law by the National Assembly. This is taken from a larger article that will be published later by our firm managing partner. A private joint stock company will become a public company if it has a paid-up charter capital of VND 30 billion or [...]

By |2019-08-19T14:15:51+07:00August 19th, 2019|Banking and Finance, Securities and Capital markets|Comments Off on New Rules for Securities

Pharma Opening after EVFTA

The pharmaceutical industry is looking forward to major investment now that the European-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement has been signed. The EVFTA allows for investment in the pharma industry by European investors that may not have been allowed before, luring investors to a lucrative industry. For example, just this week Sanofi Vietnam became the first firm [...]

By |2019-08-12T08:23:22+07:00August 12th, 2019|Business News, Intellectual Property, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare|Comments Off on Pharma Opening after EVFTA

Sharp and the Trade War

Sharp, the Japanese electronics giant, has announced plans to build a manufacturing site here in Vietnam according to Nikkei Asia here. This is the latest news in the continuing trade war between the United States and China, and provides an opportunity to examine the impacts of the trade war on a country like Vietnam. Much [...]

By |2019-08-05T08:50:31+07:00August 5th, 2019|Business News, International Trade|Comments Off on Sharp and the Trade War
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