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All articles written prior to 13 January 2021 were authored by Steven Jacob unless explicitly stated otherwise in the body of the article. Subsequently, all articles will be attributed within the body of the article.


Steven Jacob is a California attorney who has lived and worked in Southeast Asia for over ten years. He has worked for law firms in Vietnam and Cambodia and an investment fund in Laos. He is experienced in advising clients on various matters ranging from corporate governance to M&A to tech and IP.

He grew up in America and attended university at Utah State University where he earned two bachelors degrees–one in history and one in Asian studies–before moving to California to attend law school at Santa Clara University School of Law. There he focused on international law and corporate governance studies.

His first job out of law school was working with Indochine Counsel where he was a foreign consultant. He has been associated with the firm in one way or another ever since. He has worked as a full time attorney, as an editor of the Client Alert, and as author of this blog–which he has been writing since 2018.

Focused now on telecoms, media, and technology law, Steven advises clients on technology matters in Vietnam. He can advise on matters ranging from Fintech and Cybersecurity to technology services licensing, data privacy, and tech-related M&A.

In addition to the law, Steven is an avid reader of history and has written several articles about various aspects of United States history. He is also a writer of novels. He writes both thrillers and historical fiction and has self-published three books, links to which are available on his personal website. You can also follow him on his Facebook page.

If you have questions about this blog or would like to consult on any matters related to this blog or telecoms, media, and technology, you can connect with Steven on his LinkedIn account or email him.