New Rules for Securities

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Below is a summary of major changes contemplated in the securities law by the National Assembly. This is taken from a larger article that will be published later by our firm managing partner. A private joint stock company will become a public company if it has a paid-up charter capital of VND 30 billion or more, and at least 10% of its voting shares is owned by 100 or more investors who are not major shareholders in such company; or it has successfully conducted an [...]

Pharma Opening after EVFTA

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The pharmaceutical industry is looking forward to major investment now that the European-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement has been signed. The EVFTA allows for investment in the pharma industry by European investors that may not have been allowed before, luring investors to a lucrative industry. For example, just this week Sanofi Vietnam became the first firm to directly import drugs from overseas. See article in Vietnam Investment Review, here. This signals a new phase of investment in the pharma industry. It has only been recently that [...]

Sharp and the Trade War

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Sharp, the Japanese electronics giant, has announced plans to build a manufacturing site here in Vietnam according to Nikkei Asia here. This is the latest news in the continuing trade war between the United States and China, and provides an opportunity to examine the impacts of the trade war on a country like Vietnam. Much has been written about the benefits brought to the country by the trade war, particularly the increase in manufacturing as international producers switch their sites from tariffed China to other [...]

Call for More Technology Transfer in Vietnam

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As reprinted in Vietnam+, here, the Vietnam News Agency has called for increased technology transfer to production companies in Vietnam. The call sites dismal numbers of high tech usage by manufacturers in Vietnam stating that nearly 60% of manufacturers are using technology that is outdated while only 2% use high technology. This is disturbing, especially in light of news from Nintendo, Samsung, and other high tech industrial giants of their moving of manufacturing to Vietnam. Will Vietnam be ready? It's hard to tell. The pre-planning strategy [...]

Cashless Payments Improve

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In the article on Vietnam Investment Review, here, news of Vietnam's increasing independence from cash and gold is welcome. I'll let you read the article, but much of the information contained therein is to boast of the boost in mobile payments and ATM transactions. Mobile payments are cashless payments made using a mobile device, usually a cell phone, rather than the traditional credit card or cash. This means that Vietnamese are taking part in a hundreds of billions of dollars worth of worldwide transactions. This [...]

Vietnam’s Corporate Governance Tested

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Bui Quang Huy is in trouble. The former CEO of tech company Nhat Cuong General Technical Services is wanted by police for smuggling and now money laundering. He apparently invested money earned from the smuggling of electronics across the border into a subsidiary company and used that to hide the fact that he was syphoning funds. The story, here, tells of a corrupt and ambitious gathering of like minds. Eight arrests have been made so far, though the take is in the hundreds of millions [...]

EVFTA Signed in Hanoi

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The Europe-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) was signed by representatives of both parties on Sunday in Hanoi. While this is not the final step for execution of the agreement, this is a major milestone and will, more than likely, lead to adoption by the EU. In this article, here, Nicolas Audier discusses the benefits of the EVFTA in much more depth than I possibly could as he has been involved with the negotiations in his role with the EUCHAM here in Vietnam. In this article, [...]

Vinfast Roars to Life

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Last week Vinfast, a subsidiary of Vinagroup, began manufacturing the Vinfast line of automobiles. The line begins with a standard hatchback and a sedan, two vehicles that are priced around 17,000USD. This is cool. For a couple of reasons is this cool. First, car purchases in Vietnam are up 22% year on year since 2018. This means that there are more cars reaching the road even though there are still severe import taxes on foreign made vehicles. If Vinfast delivers a quality vehicle, it is [...]

Tax Authorities On Top of Tech

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With this article in Vietnam Investment Review, here, the government proves that it is capable of keeping pace with technological advancement in at least one department, that of tax collection. The article examines the fact that Grab, a ride hailing app company, has surpassed Vinasun in tax contributions. It outlines the concerns that were raised initially, primarily the fact that Grab may not be amenable to easy tax collection, one of the arguments raised by the taxi union to fight what has been a major blow [...]

Duc Receives External Counsel Award

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Indochine Counsel is very happy to announce that our Managing Partner, Dang The Duc, has received the “Commended External Counsels of the Year for Vietnam 2019”. He received the award in Hong Kong on Thursday, May 30, 2019 and was part of the In-House Community celebration that followed. Dang The Duc (you can see his profile and contact information here) has been the managing partner of Indochine Counsel since its founding in 2006. He was one of the founding partners and has received numerous awards [...]

Report from INTA in Boston

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I spent last week in Boston where I attended, with our managing partner Dang The Duc, the International Trademark Association's (INTA) annual meeting. It was a fast paced round of networking and meeting, with over 11,000 attendees. A very large conference. Crazy, really. It started with a long flight from Vietnam to Japan, where a layover brought us to an even longer flight from Tokyo to Boston. I watched several movies and listened to quite a bit of music, read some, and tried to sleep. [...]

IP In the Spotlight

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Next week our managing partner and I head to Boston for the International Trademark Association annual meeting. Thousands of lawyers attend this event and make for a hectic five days. In light of our adventures in intellectual property, I thought I'd highlight our attorney who oversees the IP side of our practice. Nguyen Thi Hong Anh With both legal and technical background, she has been in practice as a patent & trademark attorney for over 20 years, dedicated to establishing, protecting and enforcing intellectual property [...]

Private Sector Thriving

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Thanks to Dr. Matthias Duhn on LinkedIn, for sharing the link to the interview with the Minster of Planning and Investment. The original interview ran in Vietnam Investment Review, here, and is a reassuring assessment of the private sector economy. One of the highlights of the article, and I'll let you read it for yourself, is that the private sector is one of the larger elements contributing to GDP in Vietnam. It is also a major element of investment capital contributed to the investment economy [...]

Happy Five Day Weekend

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Happy Reunification Day. Happy May Day. And Happy bridge holiday, which is today, which makes for a five day weekend, something unheard of in the United States. Forty-four years ago tomorrow tanks rolled down the streets of Saigon and the north and the south were reunited after decades of division under the French and then the Americans. Since then there have been hard times, and good times, and better times. Things are looking up for Vietnam and the long road of war and occupation has [...]

Ministry Proposes CIT Cut for SMEs

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According to Vietnam News, here, the Ministry of Finance has proposed a change in the current corporate income tax structure for small and medium sized businesses with an even greater exception for what it considers micro businesses. The cut would be from the regular 20% which is paid by all enterprises to 15-17% depending on the size of the business. (I'll let you read the full article for particulars.) This comes as an effort to encourage SMEs and startups in the country with a goal [...]

IC’s Media Law Ranked Tier 1 by MLI

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Indochine Counsel is pleased to announce the recent release of the Media Law International annual rankings. In the rankings, Indochine Counsel is ranked as a Tier 1 Law Firm for Media Law. This marks the apogee of efforts to improve the provision of media law services at Indochine Counsel and the culmination of the IT & T sector under Partners Nguyen Hong Anh and Dang The Duc. Media Law International (MLI) is an independent publishing business that produces a flagship annual guide, and a bi-monthly [...]

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